• Completely Compatible: Works With All Major Video Platforms, Video URLs AND Direct Uploads
  • Totally Customisable: Any Size, Any Ratio
  • Easily Add A Multitude Of Engagement Triggers
  • Lock YOUR Valuable Content: Force Visitors To Pay Or Optin To Unlock YOUR Valuable Content
  • Force Engagement Anytime: Set Your Desired Engagement Triggers For Your Best Conversion Results
  • Unlimited: Unlimited Players, Unlimited Sites.

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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

In just a moment, I'm going to tell you how I boosted my conversions on my pages by 300%.

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Because I know you want higher conversions.

I Know You Already Know The Power Of Video Marketing .

I know you are already using videos on all your Wordpress sites to boost your conversions and get better results and more profits.

Smart move.

Using Videos In Your Marketing Can Increase Your
Conversions By Up To 80%. FACT.

Humans love binge watching because our brains process video 60,000 times faster then text.

Having a video on your landing page, for example, can increase your conversion rate by 80%. EyeWideDigital.

But here's the thing, just sticking a video on your site and simply hoping it will work -

Won't prove these stats right. (Unfortunately).

Without engagement - there's no guarantee you're going to get the results you need.

You HAVE to force your visitors to engage.

To watch.

To listen.

To take action.

Just Imagine If You Could Be In Total Control Of
How Your Visitors Watch And Engage With Your Videos?

Using powerful engagement triggers throughout your videos - at perfect times to suit your audience, as chosen by you.

Giving You The Very Best Possible Chance Of Converting.

You See,

Most Video Players Do Nothing More Than Just That - Play Videos...

And that's fine. I guess.

Unless You Actually Want Your Visitors To Take Action.

Here's the thing. Most visitors will only watch your video once - if at all.

You need to make the most of that opportunity.

To truly engage with your viewers -

And force them to take action.

And here's how I did just that...

I Wished I Could Get Better Results From My Videos

I had discovered that my online videos were not converting as well as I'd hoped.

I was using existing video players to embed my videos on my sites -

But they just didn't seem to give me the flexibility I wanted. I couldn't change the size of the video,

Or the ratio for start offs.

Videos are important to me. As an experienced marketer, I knew the conversions they were capable of getting...

They're great videos - But mine just didn't seem to be getting the results I wanted.

Visitors just weren't taking enough action.

I am really proud of my videos.

Theres's bits I would love to highlight: I wanted to climb out of the video, point and say, "hey, make sure you watch this bit closely"...

There's bits I want to make sure they really hear, to make sure they definitely receive my sales slogan or special offer message loud and clear.

There's bits that are really valuable that I wish I could put behind lock and key... Cliffhanger moments that visitors would be desperate to continue to watch...Bits that reveal profitable secrets...Bits that the viewer should really be paying me for...Or at least opting in and giving me something in return.

The truth is, I wanted these things - and I searched for a plugin to enable me to do so...

But Nothing Gave Me The Flexibility, Control Or
Breadth Of Features That I Needed.

So I Decided To Create It Myself.

After all, I was a first class computer science graduate with over 5 years dedication to creating and developing useful, quality plugins and marketing solutions...

Plugins that have become an indispensable part of the ‘toolbox' of thousands of online marketers and are updated regularly and supported by dedicated support team constantly.

So I set myself and my team to work...

And a little piece of genius was born.

I used this piece of genius myself...

And my conversions shot up by more than 300%.

And now I'm giving you exclusive access to get results like these too:


Have Your Video Players - Your Way.
With Conversion-Boosting Engagement Triggers.

Create Completely Customised Video Players In Less Than ?
And Embed Them Anywhere On Your Sites

  • Completely Compatible

    Works With All Major Video Platforms, Video URLs AND Direct Uploads

  • Totally Customisable

    Your Players, Any Size, Any Ratio

  • Lock YOUR Valuable Content

    Force Your Visitors To Pay To Unlock Valuable Content

  • Make Optin & Buy Buttons Appear At Any Point

    Any SizeAny Definition Any Aspect Ratio AutoPlay / Click To Play Add Custom Video Effects Forced FullScreen Thumbnail Play

  • Quickly And Easily Add Your Engagement Triggers At Any Point

    Any SizeAny Definition Any Aspect Ratio AutoPlay / Click To Play Add Custom Video Effects Forced FullScreen Thumbnail Play

  • Appear At Anytime

    Set Your Engagement Effects For The Best Conversion Results

  • Unlimited Sites

    Unlimited Players, Unlimited Sites


Ankur Shukla, Creator of WP Fresh Start

"We all know how important video is for generating sales and conversions. But until now you had no real control over how visitors engaged with your message. WP Video Ace finally puts you in charge, its features are super easy to use and extremely powerful. I love it."

5 Quick And Easy Steps To Massive Conversions
With WP Video Ace:

Step 1 Profit

Choose Your Video Format To Upload

Step 2 Profit

Choose Size And Ratio

Step 3 Profit

Add Your Engagement Effects

Step 4 Profit

Lock Some Content Behind (Like a Buy Button Or Optin Form)

Step 5 Profit

Set Your Desired Timings

AND GO Increase Your Conversions!



Andrew Darius, Founder of Explaindio

"We all know how viral is the most cost effective way to suck in traffic. But nobody has come up with a great way to take advantage of it - until now. Finding out what is trending now plus filtering out the unpopular stories enables me to instantly (or automatically) post that good content that keeps my blog readers happy."

Let's Get Technical...

WP Video Ace Will Enable You To:

Go Big For Bigger Results:

Force fullscreen mode between any start and end point in the playback of video.

Make your video, or even a specific section jump right in front of your visitors eyes!

Give Your Visitors A Sneak Preview To Tease The Sale Or Optin:

Have your videos go to a "fixed thumbnail playback" when your visitors scroll on page.

Choose any screen corner, (top left or right, bottom left or right) for "fixed thumbnail playback"

Customise Size and Playback To Exactly Suit Your Sites:

All players have custom control for width in percentage (fluid mobile responsive, or fixed playback)

All players can specify aspect ratio and video playback quality (so can force HD mode for Youtube for example)

Massively Boost Conversions By Forcing Visitors To Pay Or
Optin To Unlock YOUR Valuable Content:

"Lock" custom content to appear between any start and end point in video playback

"Locked custom content" can by anything (text, image, buy button, opt in form, or even entire post)

"Locked custom content" can appear above, below, to the left or right of video

"Locked custom content" can also appear in shortcode anywhere on your pages.

Enable And Disable Features Anytime To Your Advantage (Particularly With You Tube!):

Disable/enable visible player controls for both local and Youtube videos

Disable/enable looped video playing on a loop for both local and Youtube videos

Disable/enable video info on video like title, uploader etc from Youtube videos

Maximize Your Results By Maximizing Your Players: Totally Unlimited:

Unlimited Players Per Site.

Unlimited Sites.

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Simon Warner, Marketing Legend

"I've created dozens of marketing videos in my time, but the results i've seen since using WP Video Ace are crazy! I'm getting three to four times more sales on every page I use it on. "

As we all know, there are some tools that become a permanent part of our Marketing Toolboxes -

Tools that once you use and implement in your business - There's no going back.

I'm certain that WP Video Ace will become one of those tools for you.

In fact, I'm so confident that once you get started with WP Video Ace and you see the genuine results you get - you won't even consider giving it back...

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Full, absolutely no-risk, 30 Day, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee:

I want you to be satisfied. So download WP Video Ace right now, completely, utterly and 100% risk free for the next 30 days. WP Video Ace is tried and tested, but in the unlikely event that you can't get WP Video Ace to work for you and our robust support desk can't fix your issue, then I will completely refund your investment = leaving you absolutely no risk at all! So fearlessly click that buy button and download WP Video Ace this instant!


Yes! We believe that top-notch support is key for a quality product and will do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our support page
Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all customers.
No,WP Video Ace will not work on WordPress.com. It only works on self-hosted WordPress installs and you need to have a domain name + wordpress installed with hosting to use our software.
Because we want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a 30 day money back guarantee - you will be ordering with confidence and this eliminates any kind of risk on your part, because if our support can't fix your technical issues, we'll refund you.
Yes! You are welcome to ask any question you wish from our support page.
Yes WP Video Ace comes with full mutli-site license as standard.

Remember, embedding videos on your sites is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

But engagement is key.

You need engagement to get conversions.

More engagement = more conversions. Simple.

(And it's definitely not going to hurt to have extra conversions!)

(And it's definitely not going to hurt to have extra conversions!)

In fact, I'm pretty certain it's going to make you happy!

Because more conversions = more profits!

Just Imagine, In A Few Moments, When You Have Total Control Over How Your Guests Engage With Your Videos -

Enabling you to pick out the important bits -

The bits you want to make bigger.

The bits you want to shout about. Those key messages you want to to amplify.

The bits you REALLY want to make sure they see and hear.

And those bits you want to hide behind lock and key to boost your sales and optins.

All in the best possible size and ratio for your sites.

I Know That You Want To Increase Your Conversions.

They can never be high enough.

So keep them rising -

With WP Video Ace.

Right Now, You Can Get Your Copy Of
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Awesome. You're in. Smart move.

Here's to super-engaging videos -

And top conversions.

To your success,

Dan and team.

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